Summer is the season of mangoes, flowers and longer days. Just like these hotter months affect you, they may have wreaking havoc on your vehicle. Extreme hotter weather in summer can cause pits on roads and damage tires, while cold winter temperature may have roughed up your vehicle because of corrosion of car’s components. A proper inspection of your vehicle can help you to come out of all these problems and let you enjoy  summers. But the main question arises , WHERE TO START FROM? Here are several tips to keep your car in good condition and run at peak performance this summer. AUTO 360 provides the facility of complete car check up in which 30 points are checked to ensure smooth car performance.


Wash your car

As the temperature goes beyond 33 0C, the salt residues can cause potential rust spots on undercarriage and car body. Rusting in these areas can be sign of problem with brake lines or fender wells. Washing your vehicle regularly can help you to prevent  this rusting and also increase life of your vehicle.


 Wax Your Vehicle

An extra layer of protection is provided by an extra coat of wax , helps in preventing sun damage, protect paint and scratching. And also it makes easy to clean your car from dirt.

Review Wiper Blades

Its summer but it can rain at some point, so it is important to inspect and regulate the wiper blades for winter wear and tear. worn wiper blades can damage the wind shield and affect your vision while driving.

Regulate the air conditioning system

Summers are little more hotter in several areas. To make driving comfortable in summer, it is important that your car air conditioner should function properly. You must know that air conditioner loses some amount of refrigerant gas every year, so it is very important to get your ac serviced properly before summer to get a good and comfortable drive. During ac service you need to check air filters, outdoor condenser and condenser coils.

Inspect coolant system

What is important in summers, TO BE COOL. This is not true for us only but It is needed by our cars also. Keep an eye on coolant in reservoir, both level and condition of coolant should be checked. In addition, also inspect the state of reservoir and squeezing hoses.

Examine the Oil and oil filters

It is of paramount importance to check oil filters and the oil condition for proper functioning of car. An oil change helps your engine combat the increased summer temperatures..

Check the tyre condition

It is important to check tyres condition  all the year round. Pressure in the tires should be appropriate, treads should have enough depth and free from any stone, nails in between. It is essential to check cracks. Wear and tread depth in tyre.

AUTO 360 is a hub of all car services as it is equipped with latest car machinery like ac gas filling, wheel balancing and alignment and many more.



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