Quick car wash at home

Dust free wheels and shiny car  is the center of attraction for people. But it is not possible for everyone to get their car washed daily in service center because of busy schedule. People can go for quick car wash at home in a very simple manner by using several simple home based equipments. Here are several basic home cleaning tools that everyone should keep to get quick car wash.

  1. Sponge :

It is very essential to choose right type of sponge because it may cause scratches in paint of the car. Sponge is available in a wide variety of shapes and  sizes. So; one can select sponge according to the type of car and requirement. It play an important role in removal of dust and sticky oil  remains from surface of car and give it a shiny appearance.


  1. Liquid shampoo:

This is used to clean the car in more efficient manner. While selecting shampoo, it should be kept in mind that it produces more foam which will help to remove hard oil and tar stains from surface. AUTO 360 utilize organic based shampoo for car wash.


  1. High pressure pump and pipe:

This is required for high pressure water supply to remove foam all along with dirt and other remains without causing any scratches on the outer body of car.


  1. Towels:

The towels used in car washing are made of microfibers and are available in different sizes, colors, and length. These are used to remove water remains from different parts of car after washing. To clean glasses and mirrors,  the kind of towels  used are designated as waffle-weave glass towel.


  1. Vacuum pump:

After washing and cleaning car externally, now it’s time to clean the interior of car. Vacuum pump is required for that purpose. It creates the vacuum to remove dust from seats, mats, seat covers and under the front and back seats.

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