GENERAL SERVICE (Periodic Maintenance)

A general service for your car is carried out out at regular intervals, either every 10,000 / 15,000 kms or half yearly/annualy, whichever comes first. The service interval also depends on the grade of oil that you choose for your car’s engine. Generally, vehicles that use Synthetic Engine Oil have a longer service interval than those that use Mineral or Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil. General service usually starts with a complete vehicle check up including a test drive along with the customer to check for engine, electricals, braking, suspension, clutch, wheels and tyres. We have a standard checklist of items to inspect in the car prior to start of service.

ENGINE – OIL CHANGE Servicing your car at regular intervals is vital to the health of the car’s engine. The main components that need to be replaced in a periodic service are engine oil.

Oil filter The primary purpose of engine oil is to provide lubrication between the various moving parts of the car’s engine and also to act as a cooling medium to carry heat away from the engine parts. After every 10-15k kms, the car’s engine oil tends to deteriorate (mainly lose viscosity). If the engine continues to run with poor quality oil, it can cause increased friction between the various moving parts thus damaging the internal components of the engine which will lead to engine seizure and an expensive repair bill. The oil filter is another component that has to be replaced periodically. As the name suggests it filters the oil that flows into the engine block to minimize friction that may be caused due to particulate matter in the oil.


Although servicing your vehicle is not a legal requirement, there are a number of good reasons why you should consider getting your car serviced on a regular basis.
  1.  Safety- Regular servicing can help to identify potential problems before they become real ones. Servicing will make sure that essential checks are carried out to critical vehicle components such as your braking system and suspension to make sure that these vital parts don’t let you down when you need them most. Regular servicing provides peace of mind that the vehicle is in road-worthy condition.
    Just because a car feels ok, it doesn’t automatically mean all is working as well as it should be. As the miles clock-up so too does the wear and tear, but because deterioration is often gradual and hidden out of sight, motorists may not see and feel the change. This can lull motorists into a false sense of security, mistakenly believing that all is ok because nothing major has gone wrong with their vehicle. So get your car serviced at Auto 360 in Udaipur.
  2. Save Money- Failing to service your vehicle each year to save a few pounds really is a false economy. Regular servicing can help to identify issues early on that could later become costly and expensive to rectify. Take engine oil for example, it’s needed to lubricate and protect the moving parts inside your engine. Without it, your engine could seize up costing thousands to repair or replace. All our service schedules include checking the engine oil and, if needed, replacing this with fresh oil specifically designed for your car to keep your engine running smoothly.Regular servicing can also save motorists money at the petrol pump. New oil and air filters make for a smoother running engine and a more fuel efficient car, while addressing issues such as under inflated tyres will reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel consumption. Furthermore, not servicing your car increases your chances of suffering a breakdown – which is both costly and inconvenient if you subsequently become reliant on hire cars or public transport whilst your vehicle is fixed. So get your car serviced at Auto 360 in Udaipur.
  3. Maintaining Vehicle Value- The second hand market is always competitive, with buyers expecting more for their money. A car with evidence of regular servicing – or even better a full service history – is likely to attract more potential buyers and a higher selling price. So get your car serviced at Auto 360 in Udaipur.


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General Service Silver
  • Every 10,000 Km or 6 Months
  • 30 point check-up
  • Consumable replacement
  • Full Body wash and polish
car service
General Service Gold
  • Every 20,000 Km or 12 months
  • Includes General Service Silver Pack
  • 50 point check-up
  • Full Body Visual and Noise Tests
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General Service Platnium
  • Every 30,000 Km or 18 months
  • Includes General Service Gold Pack
  • Engine & Radiator Flushing
  • Mileage Improvement Treatment

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